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I have been a Secret Deodorant user forever. I tried natural deodorants over the years, but they never worked. They were itchy, and didn't help with odor... That is until I tried In Good Company. Honestly, I was a sceptic... but this stuff works BETTER than anything I've tried, including Secret! And it is all natural! I am a convert for life~ No more stinky pits!


Fresh as a
muhfuggin daisy!


Hahaha funny you should ask. No BO the last two days using it - today I thought let me use my old stuff for comparison since the weather has been cooler - thinking maybe I’m not BOing it up as bad - and low and behold BO!! I am a believer. 


In Good Company is a life changer. I have struggled with deodorants for years…tried everything on the market (including men’s products!) -and nothing has worked long term for me. To have a non-toxic product that actually smells good, doesn’t irritate my skin or leave a residue on clothing is such a relief! I am no longer self conscious after a hot day. This deodorant is truly incredible and has changed my daily self care routine for the better. I feel good about what I’m putting on my body daily. I’m a customer for life and highly recommend!